How To Check Singtel Mobile Data Usage

Published by james on May 04, 2022
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It is important to find out how much data your phone download and upload while using your mobile data. To make sure you are not using too much of your data plan, you can set your mobile data alerts to monitor and limit your usage!

Please install mySingtel App before following this tutorial.
You may download from the following sources:

For Apple iPhone, please click below link for download.

For Android Phones, please click below link for download

Before you open MySingtel App, please turn on your data and turn off your WIFI. Using Singtel data will help you automatically login to your Singtel account.

1. Tap on My Singtel App

2. Tap on Continue to help Singtel improve their network performance


4. You can see from here your data only left 1.81 GB

5. Tap on 3 dots

6. You have used up 1.18 GB of total 3 GB

7. Tap on the arrow on top-left corner

8. Go back to this page to set up your Mobile Data Alerts

9. Tap on 3 dots

10. Tap on Setting

11. Tap on Local Data Alerts

12. Tick here to receive alerts by SMS, then tap Save or

13. Tick receive alert by email, type in your email address then tap Save.

14. For tablet users that can’t receive SMS, you can enter an alternative mobile number or email address to receive your alert notification.

15. Type in your alternate mobile phone number

16. Swipe up

17. Type in your email address

18. Tap Save to receive your notification.

19. Your request to set alert option is successful. Tap OK to finish your alert setting process.

Video Tutorial

8. View this video to learn on How to check your Singtel Mobile Data Usages . ENJOY VIEWING!

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