How to Locate The Nearest Hawker Center Near You Using myENV

Published by Hanisah on February 11, 2022
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1. Open myENV application
2. Scroll down and find ‘Hawker Centre’
3. Tap on Hawker Centre to see the nearest Hawker Centre near you

4. Scroll down to see more features to view the distance, status and address of the hawker centre
5. Tap ‘Get directions on Maps’ to show you the route on how to go to the hawker centre
6. Tap follow to receive notifications from the hawker centre
7. You can check the spring cleaning period under ‘Next Closure Date’
8. Tap on ‘Nearby Hawker Centres’ to see the hawker centres around the area

9. Additional information shows you the number of food and market stalls with a short description
10. Tap on ‘Go to Google 360-view’ to take a look of the hawker centre
11. Select okay
12. You can tap arrows to take a look around the hawker centre

13. Select ‘All Hawker Centre Closures’ to view all the hawker centres operations
14. You can set a filter to view them by months or alphabetical order
15. Tap the search bar and search for the hawker centre around singapore, they will provide the informations

16. Tap on the 3 dots at the right top to share or edit your settings

17. Tap on the search bar
18. Type the location (e.g. punggol, tampines, Jurong) and tap search
19. Select ‘view details’ to see the hawker centre informations

Video Tutorial

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