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I have attended the fortnightly classes on the use of smart phones conducted by XIOHOO for about a year and found them extremely useful and practical. The instructors are very helpful and patient in disseminating their knowledge to us and in responding to our many queries. Through them, we have learnt much such as on the use of Facebook, Google photo, Google translate, photo taking etc. We are very grateful to them for conducting these courses, which have very practical applications in our everyday life. Thank you.
Rosalind Fok
XIOHOO has a team of dedicated and caring teachers who take good care of us, especially the elderly ones. They are very patient and thoughtful, using relevant teaching method to cater to our needs . They even allow us to practice on small projects without supervision immediately after lesson, so that we can understand better. The teachers are always available to help us when we don't understand or forget our lesson. That is what XIOHOO mean to us. Therefore, I support XIOHOO fully!
Richard Wong
XIOHOO's teachers are bilingual. They are very patient towards seniors' questions n queries. With their personal experience illustration n expertise, they help seniors use APPs more comfortable. Their power point also well designed n illustrated clearly. They conduct the class lively n full of laughter. With their passion, they have created XIOHOO platform 7/24 to help students after class to post their doubts or problems. Besides, they also encourages students to do home work n share the achievements. With their motivation, students learn better and learn more!
Lily Lam
我对智能手机一窍不通,是懂非懂。自从去 Xiohoo上了几次智能手机课程后,对手机开始产生了兴趣,有如刘姥姥进入多姿多彩的手机世界,现在可说对手机爱不释手。一有空就会利用手机和朋友聊天, 把拍下来的照片和家人和朋友分享。同时也在脸书交了不少的朋友,学习到许多新知识。让我的生活增添了无穷的色彩、无穷的乐趣、无穷的快乐. 这就要归功于 XIOHOO, 对于XIOHOO 的导师 Allan Tay和他的助教们的 谆谆善诱,在课堂上层次分明的教导 ,让我们很容易的理解,对手机的应用程序一清二楚。课余时,如果在应用手机上有问题,我都从去请教他们。他们都会一一的解答,让我对手机更深一层的了解。 再此对于 XIOHOO 老师们无私的教导,在此深表感谢、感恩。 希望XIOHOO, 百尺竿头、更进一步。让新加坡人受益,让我们这些建国一代、立国一代,学习到高端的科技。 非常感谢、非常的感恩。

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