Partner with XIOHOO

XIOHOO is proud to have collaborated with a number of leading organizations from a variety of sectors to reach out to Seniors with our solutions. We are grateful that our partners believe in our social mission and support our journey to use Tech For Good.

We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses to co-develop programmes to benefit our Seniors.


When you partner with XIOHOO, you create opportunities to share your useful product, services and knowledge to our Seniors through our events with technology as the engagement channel.

Projects and Activities

Create job opportunities and activities for our Seniors to apply their tech skills through meaningful tasks such as photography, videography and social media.


Help us to reach out to more Seniors to encourage the low income or socially isolated group to learn tech through our program by sponsoring or subsidizing our events.

Investments and Donations

You can make a difference! Lend a hand and empower us to continue helping others in need. We appreciate any donations big or small. Every dollar counts.

Our Clients and Partners


WhatsApp us at +65 8809 7075 or email us at to partner with us today