Attend One Of Our Continous Learning Smartphone Program Classes To Learn From Our Trainers With More Than 8 Years Of Experience!

For Only $30 Per Class, Sign Up For Our Continous Learning Smartphone Program Which Comprises Of

3-Hour Fun Learning Class

Start your learning journey by joining one of our fun classes to learn how to use your Smartphone & Mob Apps with step-by-step learning & demonstration by our trainers. You will also get to practise and familiarize with how your phone or Apps work. There are more than 30 topics to choose from to cater to your needs. Our classes will also evolve to adapt to your changing needs.

30-Day Continuous Learning Expert Help Support

Continue your learning after class! If you are unsure while using the App you just learnt, you can ask our XIOHOO Experts via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger anytime anywhere for 30 days with every class sign up! Our Experts will guide you through your issues and help you continue with your learning.

Our Courses

We Have Courses For All Levels of Smartphone Users And Interests

Learn smartphone basics


Understand & Manage Your Smartphone for your Daily Convenience!

  1. Basic Mobile Controls
  2. Advanced Calls & Messaging Functions
  3. Understanding & Using Mobile Data/WIFI
  4. Downloading & Managing Apps
  5. Gmail Basics

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Learn Clever Techniques that make Great Professional-looking Photos & Videos

  1. Class A: Basic Phototaking & Videoshooting
  2. Class B: Photo & Video Management with Google Photos
  3. Class C: Photo & Video Editing on Phone with Meitu

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Connect, Communicate & Share With Family & Friends.

  1. Class A: WhatsApp
  2. Class B: Facebook
  3. Class C: Facebook Messenger
  4. Class D: WeChat
  5. Class E: Instagram

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Holidays Made Easy With Your Smartphone

  1. Class A: Google Maps
  2. Class B: Trip Advisor
  3. Class C: Flight Booking
  4. Class C: Hotel Booking

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Keeping Healthy and Fit Easily with your Smartphone

  1. Class A: ActiveSG
  2. Class B: Healthy365
  3. Class C: HealthHub

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Use your Smartphone to Search for Employment that Suits You

  1. Class A: FreeBoh & Find Job
  2. Class B: Google Job Search

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Travel Smart, Fast and Cheap Locally

  1. Class A: Google Maps
  2. Class B: New My Transport SG
  3. Class C: Bus@SG and SGBusleh Apps
  4. Class D: Grab

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Find Events, Festivals and Fun Activities in Singapore

  1. Class A: HungryGoWhere App
  2. Class B: Eventbrite
  3. Class C: Search for Activities

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Make Wise Money Decisions with your Mobile Apps

  1. Class A: Make Cashless Payments
  2. Class B: Pay Easy with SAM and AXS
  3. Class C: Track Your Expenses with Spendee
  4. Class D: Compare credit cards, insurance plans with GoBear

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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

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XIOHOO Continuous Smartphone Learning Program


Frequently asked questions about XIOHOO

How do I sign up?

Just click here! And follow the sign up procedures

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Chat with us to find out more about our free trial.

What happens when my trial ends?

You can sign up a class with us at only $30 to continue for another 30 days of support and one 3-hour class.

How do we pay?

Once you signup, we will contact you and let you select your preferred payment method such as bank transfer, credit card or cash/cashless option.

What counts as a question?

After completion of every question you have asked, we will invite you to do a short survey to confirm the satisfaction of your answers. This will also count as a question.

If my hardware is malfunctioning will you include repair services?

Sorry but we only help answer questions! Rest assured, we will guide you to reliable service centers or vendors that can help solve the hardware problems.


What if my question involves sensitive information like credit card details?

XIOHOO respects your privacy and will not ask for those details. We will however guide you to the best of our knowledge to help you complete the task online or in your mobile phone.

How do I share what I see so that XIOHOO can help me?

Just make a screenshot of your phone and send it over via our App. We can even guide you step by step if you share your screen :)


XIOHOO is a Social Enterprise Company and we teach Seniors how to leverage on technology to live actively & happily in the digital era as part of our Smart Nation initiatives.

As Singapore transforms into a Smart Nation and a cashless society, Seniors often find it challenging to adapt to this fast pace of technological advancement. The infiltration of smartphones in our daily lives is one of such technology that Seniors struggle to keep up. Knowing how to use the features and functions of the Smartphone is a key entry point to the digital world for Seniors. But upgrading their knowledge of technology is a daunting challenge, particularly if seniors do not have the self-confidence, motivation or the right support to learn. Current solutions are limited by the confines of a classroom that fail to consider the challenges that Seniors face when learning. We need solutions beyond conventional IT classes to prevent this digital divide and not leave any Senior in Singapore behind.

XIOHOO is our initiative to help Seniors learning technology easier and better. We operate a unique Continuous Learning Program to train Seniors, age 50 and above to improve their knowledge on Smartphone and App usage. Seniors who join as XIOHOO members get to participate in classes base on their assessed level of tech knowledge. We conduct different classes ranging from ’’Basic Internet Usage” and “Mobile Photo/Video-taking” to advanced topics like “Cashless Payment” and “Buying and Selling Online”. After class, Seniors are invited to follow-up hands-on workshop to practise as a community while refreshing the learnings they have in classes they have attended.. At anywhere, anytime, Seniors can use our peer to peer App to ask IT experts for help and support through messaging or voice chat. Our app will include useful features like “Screen Calling” , allowing experts to guide seniors while viewing their screens remotely real-time. If seniors require face to face support, they can use our app to find experts nearby and meet up with them to get face to face support.

XIOHOO is committed to contribute to Singapore's Smart Nation initiative and aims to help Seniors improve their lives at work, at home & socially by boosting literacy in smartphone usage with our unique Continuous Learning Program.

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WhatsApp us at +65 8809 7075 to sign up for our classes